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I'm a bit of a magpie. I love the natural world (satisfies both the "ooh shiny!" and "color!" impulses). I also like being ridiculously fannish about made-up people and worlds. It's mostly Mass Effect right now, but I'm also into Dragon Age, Tolkien, Miyazaki movies, and other miscellaneous Japanese comics and games.


heck yea cute girlfriends!!

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Tali and Kal made a bunch of pretty pink babies.  XD

And my throw-two-random-dragons-together nest made five ridiculously good-looking babies.  I haven’t decided what I’m doing with all of them yet, but like always, just let me know if one catches your eye.

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Shepard interacting with children (maybe refugees on the Citadel during the Reaper War?) and making Garrus think "I want to have/adopt babies with that woman"?
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“I don’t suppose you have any idea who this little monster belongs to?”

Garrus, crouched beside the cot of a wounded turian soldier who was trying very hard to give him a report, glanced over his shoulder, lifting his brow plates. Faint query turned into genuine astonishment when he realized Shepard was toting a tiny turian on one hip. The child blinked at him, her huge amber eyes so reminiscent of his missing sister’s his breath caught, frozen somewhere between loss and grief and desperate hope he’d see Solana again. 

Shepard hitched the child up, settling her more firmly on her hip. The little girl gave a pleased chirp and snuggled closer, one arm wrapped tight around Shepard’s neck while the other clutched at the fall of red hair. As Garrus watched, the child gave Shepard’s ponytail a tug and stuck the end in her mouth, mandibles flicking into a satisfied smile. Shepard made a pained face, but her eyes shone and she made no attempt to extricate her hair from the child’s ministrations.

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This exact scenario happened to me the other day. Thanks, Garrus.


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Pretty hatchlings!  That last snapper baby is killing me.  If he doesn’t sell, I will probably end up keeping him on myself.

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Perfect landing!


Perfect landing!

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Anna Rose, sleep well tonight
Lost and alone on some forgotten highway
A thousand years, a thousand more
Well I don’t believe in God
Spin it, let’s begin it.

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Hi hiiiiiii!
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Now the sun goes down again
Remember when I cried?
I don’t need a lot of things
I see you blowing me a kiss
How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes.

[ 1 - If My Heart by Cloudspeak.  I couldn’t find a video]
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fourth-age fourth-age Said:

Where have all the good men gone?
Don’t know much about your life
You change in front of me,
Old Man River,
When I found out this love’s undone.

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Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

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