I go by fourthage. The URL has a dash because someone beat me to the unhyphenated version.

I'm a bit of a magpie. I love the natural world (satisfies both the "ooh shiny!" and "color!" impulses). I also like being ridiculously fannish about made-up people and worlds. It's mostly Mass Effect right now, but I'm also into Dragon Age, Tolkien, Miyazaki movies, and other miscellaneous Japanese comics and games.

Okay, I have confirmed or responded to everyone who’s sent me their address so far.  If you didn’t get a response, please re-send or just email my gmail account (fourthage, no hyphen).  And this is not a limited window, so feel free to be added to the list at any time.

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I’ve been falling down on practicing my photography and I know that having a regular reason to do so will get me into gear.  So.  Would anyone be interested in getting postcards?  I have a nice app that both makes and mails postcards from pictures I take.  You’d get at least one a month and will obviously have to be okay with providing me your address.  If that sounds interesting, just drop me your address either in an ask (I will confirm so you know tumblr didn’t eat it), or email it to me at my fourthage gmail account.

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Ahh, I’m always so happy to see something of yours <3 This is lovely! :D

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This is really quite adorable, and I kind of love that they both have their own separate hobbies (Garrus and watercolors though—I kinda love it).

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I like it!

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Aw. They have so thoroughly earned this.

You guys are ridiculous  (I mean that in the nicest possible way.)  That wasn’t even the writing equivalent of a complete thought.  Though it is very nice encouragement to keep working on the things I can finish.

That’s the scale. It’s been a long journey and no one is coming out without scars.

I was going through my WIP folder and found this short snippet that I lost steam on and am pretty sure I’ll never finish.  Figured I’d throw it up on tumblr for the heck of it.

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Finally getting around to answering these.

probablylostrightnow's questions:

1. How did you choose your Tumblr URL?

Tolkien reference.  I’ve gone by fourthage for years.  I still check the URL on a regular basis in hopes of getting the version without the hyphen.  

2. Is there a book, movie, or game that you love, but no one else seems to know about? If so, what is it?

I don’t think so?  Maybe LuscasArt’s LOOM?  I loved the idea of casting spells through music.

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Read the full paper here.

I once saw a picture of a glass of milk get over 100,000 notes on here.
Let’s give this more attention.

Guys, please, PLEASE check the sources on this sort of thing.  This comes from Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE).  I’m just going to quote the Southern Poverty Law Center on them:

SAVE Services
The acronym in SAVE Services stands for Stop Abusive and Violent Environments; “Protecting Victims, Stopping False Allegations, Ending Abuse” is its tagline. In practice, that means lobbying to roll back services for victims of domestic abuse and penalties for their tormentors, while working to return the focus to the “true victims of abuse” — the falsely accused. The site trumpets as a “key fact” that “[f]emale initiation of partner violence is the leading reason for the woman becoming a victim of subsequent violence,” even though a study shows that approximately twice as many women as men are injured during incidents of domestic violence. (source)

The lack of services for male abuse victims absolutely deserves attention, but please don’t give legitimacy to sites like SAVE.

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Monty Python’s philosopher jokes are the actual best.

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Anomalocarids are some of my favorites! How crazy is it that we can see the nervous systems of weird little animals from the Cambrian?

That was my favorite part.  :)  (And I saw your post this morning as I was walking out the door and thought it was probably on the same discovery.  I guess it’s a neat enough story that several sites picked it up.)

Fossils of strange Cambrian predator preserved with brain impressions

The animals of the Cambrian are noted for being a collection of oddballs that are sometimes difficult to match up with anything currently living on Earth. But even among these oddities, Anomalocarids stand out (as their name implies). The creatures propelled themselves with a series of oar-like paddles arranged on their flanks, spotted prey with enormous compound eyes, and shoveled them into a disk-like mouth with large arms that resided at the very front of their bodies—although some of them ended up as filter feeders.

We’ve identified a large number of anomalocarid species, many of which appear to have been the apex predators of their ecosystems. Yet for all our knowledge of them, there’s a key issue we haven’t clarified: how do they relate to any species that might exist today? New fossils from a Cambrian era deposit in China have revealed three samples of a new species that are so exquisitely preserved that their discoverers can trace the animals’ nerves. And the structure of the brain reveals affinities for two completely different types of organisms.

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I feel we need to remind the world about the Apollo missions and that we can still do impossible things. The whole world celebrated our moon landing, but we missed the whole thing, because we were out of town.
Buzz Aldrin, speaking on the upcoming 45th anniversary of the moon landing.